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Appear TV XC 5100


The Appear TV 1RU XC5100 chassis which can hold 6 modules. In addition, each of the chassis houses a switch and management module that can be equipped with dual IP I/Os. It has dual-redundant and hot swappable power supplies. Each unit with its hot swappable modules allows for various redundancy scenarios.

Any of the modules listed under the Input, Encoding/Transcoding, Processing, Output and Decoder sections can be combined into the same chassis. Only chassis space or total throughput will limit the number of modules that can be tted. The chassis has been designed for a throughput of 850 Mbit/s of MPEG TS data and 250 services. In selected congurations, capacity can be increased to 1700 Mbit/s and 500 services.

The 1RU chassis has one preassembled fan module consisting of 6 fans. The fan module is hot-swappable as one complete module. The internal temperature is monitored and if a fan fails, the remaining fans will compensate by increasing the speed.

Key Feature

  •  Modular conguration with up to 6+1 board positions

  • WEB based conguration, SNMP Alarms, SOAP/XML interface

  • Forced air-cooling (front to back)

  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supply

  • Remote reset of power

  • Swappable fan module

  • Hot-swappable modules

  • 100-240V AC or -48V DC power

Techincal Specification

Regarding the specification of XC 5100, please refer to the datasheet below.

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