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DMN is a leading system integrator of IPTV & VOD system. We are expertise in design, implementation, management and service operation of end-to-end IPTV solution.Every IPTV deployment is a unique project. Having rich experience in areas of consulting, technology integration and content services, we fully understand the sophistication in launching IPTV services.

DMN's solution is specialized in hotel, exhibition centre, university campus and health centre. We deliver system building blocks and components: the individual product components can be combined and freely scaled.

Our Hotel IPTV Services Comprise:

  • A tail-made solution that ensures compatibility among all hardware and software.

  • All technical aspects, from architecture design to equipment selection and deployment.

  • System Integration (IPTV headend, Video Server, Storage, Switching)

  • Systems engineering

  • Installation and site testing

  • Field trails


Our premier engineering team aggressively integrated array products into user-friendly technology for the hospitality industry. Our hospitality solution address the revolution of digital in-room entertainment and information services.

It provides a complete guest experience - from the initial welcome screen, account information, flight information and hotel services to in-room entertainment.

welcome screen.jpg

Welcome Screen

In-room interactive services: Multilingual user interface, TV or Radios channels, Welcome Video, Welcome message, Weather forecast, Hotel Information Portal, Web Portal, E-mail TV, Advertisement, Desk Message, Advertisement, Parental Code, View bill, Express check-out, pay TV, User's guide, Video on demand, Music on demand

Services in public areas: digital signage & music delivery

Housekeeping & maintenance services: room status

menu screen.jpg


Hotel IPTV Architecture Diagram
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