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The 4-channel DTMB modulator is a high-performance, cost-effective DTMB modulator developed by our company to solve digital TV signal sources for commercial locations. The device supports two DTMB Tuner, four 100M IP input, one 100M/Gigabit adaptive IP input for internal multiplexing, and DTMB modulation to output four single carriers through the RF interface. The device has high performance and low cost, and is very suitable for use in digital TV front-end systems in various business places (such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc.).

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with the GB20600-2006 standard

  • Support 2 channels of DTMB Tuner+4 channel 100M IP input, IP input UDP, RTP protocol

  • Support 1 channel 100 Mbps/Gigabit adaptive IP input and output, UDP, RTP protocol

  • Support 1 RF output interface, 4 DTMB single carrier output

  • Support Web network management

Technical Specification

For ​more information of the specification, please see the datasheet below.

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