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Amino A140


Amino A140 is deployed globally and has earned a reputation for high performance, security and ultra-reliability. Stylish and compact, this field-proven HD device enables you to deliver a seamless entertainment experience that combines live, on-demand and OTT services across a wide range of network environments.

At its core is the AmiNET video player. Drawing on more than a decade of innovation and expertise in IPTV, this key element maximises CPU efficiency to deliver quality user experiences while also having the flexibility for new feature enhancements to keep you in step with the evolving technology marketplace.

Key Feature

  • “Carrier class” Wi-Fi capability – add a simple USB dongle for high quality HD content delivery around the home

  • Pause Live TV and trick play support

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) with trick play and record – delivering a great uninterrupted DVR-like user experience even in high latency networks

  • HTML5 compliant browser – designed to maximise the user experience with web-delivered content

  • Compatible with our Fusion Home solutions to enable you to offer a unique home monitoring service that is easily integrated with your existing TV service offering; a seamless experience with on-screen motion alerts, live PiP and event playback.

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