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The DEXIN DX3308M 8-Channel DMB-T Modulator is a new generation of high-performance high-performance multiplexed scrambling DTMB Modulator integrated machine. The device supports 2 DATA data port inputs and supports 256 IP inputs (each DATA port can most
reach 256); the device supports 8 DTMB carrier outputs and supports 8 IP outputs.

The device is highly integrated, high performance and low cost, making it ideal for a new generation of national standard TV broadcast systems.

Key Features

  • 2 channels of DATA input

  • Support 8-channel multiplexing scrambling

  • Support DTMB GB20600-2006 modulation standard, only supports single carrier

  • 256 IP inputs (up to 256 channels per DATA port), UDP/RTP protocol, IGMP V2/V3,
    MPTS or SPTS

  • Support 8 single-carrier outputs with a maximum bandwidth of 192MHz

  • Support 8 channels of IP output, which can be arbitrarily selected to output from DATA1 and DATA2. Each IP can be set separately for scrambled stream/ Unscrambled stream output, UDP/RTP/RTSP protocol

  • Support Web network management

Technical Specification

For ​more information of the specification, please see the datasheet below.

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