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The DEXIN NDS3506 IP Demultiplexer is a professional digital TV front-end device independently developed by Dexin Technology, which enables multi-program streaming to single program stream conversion. The device can be equipped with three modules, each of which supports one Gigabit IP input (GE1) and one Gigabit IP output (GE2), which can convert 512 MPTS to 512 SPTS streams. The device can be operated through the web network management system. The device is highly integrated and low-cost, and is very suitable for digital TV systems such as hotels, clubs, hospitals, and baths.

Key Features

  • Support IP stream MPTS to SPTS conversion;

  • The input/output stream is a MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream;

  • Support IP input and output, UDP, RTP protocol;

  • Each module can input up to 512 MPTS;

  • Each module can output up to 512 SPTS;

  • PCR jitter smoothing;

  • Input and output bit rate up to 800Mbps (no empty packets);

  • Input/output parameters can be set in batches;

  • The network management manages each sub-board separately. The default IP address is: board 1 IP:; board 2 IP:; board 3 IP:, user-definable;

  • Web network management;

Technical Specification

For ​more information of the specification, please see the datasheet below.

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