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The DEXIN NDS3508E IP device supports 7 ports IP addresses import and 1 port IP address export. It supports the PPPoE dial function from the Internet Service Provider. The signal of IP can be directed to TV and set-top box. It decreases the deployment fees and operation costs.

Key Features

  • Support 7 ports signal of IPTV from service providers;

  • Support all ports signal to PPPoE dial function from the service provider;

  • The IPTV live broadcast signal of the service provider is a multicast and dual-port optical output mode;

  • Support multicast and unicast to collect live streams separately or simultaneously;

  • One Gigabit Ethernet port output: stream output mode by Unicast TCP/HTTP or Multicast UDP;

  • Configure the terminal to play the APK;

  • The gateway supports the hotel's own video program;

  • Support local disks insertion programs;


  1. Use the original cable TV network, no need to create a new transmission network.

  2. High equipment integration, high utilization rate, small footprint, easy to construct and manage.

  3. There will be no problems such as snowflakes that are common in analog TV systems.

  4. Realize live TV, video on demand, time shift of programs, hotel services, etc.

  5. The management system interface can be customized, and the content layout can be flexibly configured and arranged.

  6. Support graphic advertisements, which can publish advertisement information such as pictures, QR codes and subtitles.

  7. Less investment, low cost, and simple network construction.

  8. More programs can be transmitted, and more live TV broadcasts can be done.

  9. Local service guidance can be set up, such as introduction of tourist attractions, regional specialties, advertisements, etc.

  10. Watch TV by online.

  11. Some Android smart TVs can save the set-top box, and the rooms are more neat and beautiful.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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