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Exterity Ucrypt UCTxQIP


Harmesses the power and scalability of the UCrypt TVGateway to deliver encrypted cable channels to Exterity IP video networks.

Key Features

  • Decrypts encrypted cable TV streams

  • Delivers up to 60 encrypted channels

  • Interoperable with Exterity systems

Gateway Functionality

Decrypts up to 60 encrypted cable channels​

Capability to ingest up to 60 premium encrypted channels simultaneously into an Exterity IP video system.

Supports unencrypted content

The reminder of the tuner capacity can be used to ingest unencrypted content (Clear QAM).

Access to encrypted cable TV content using CableCARD

Support for CableCARD technology gives Exterity installations access to major cable TV networks for increased TV head-end flexibility and capability.

Scalable support for 6 - 60 tuners in one chassis

The end customer can scale their channel list with their needs within one product. Additional tuner cards can be requested through Exterity support.


The UCrypt unit can be maintained on site, meaning that the end customer can easily add more channels or replace a failed power supply.

Power supply redundancy

Automatically switching fully redundant power supply modules.

Interoperability with Exterity systems

The Ucrypt gateway uses UDP multicast streams and is interoperable with Exterity systems.

Notes: An AvideaServer is required to create channel announcements.

UCrypt QAM to IP Gateway

The UCrypt gateway occupies a key position amongst ​US headend options. The gateway ingests encrypted and unencrypted cable TV multiplexes and multicasts chosen programs. It can be installed as part of a new or existing Exterity system, through one installer.

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