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Exterity V1600


The V1600 provides a flexible AvediaServer installation designed to be installed onto a
virtual machine. This provides the freedom to fit the AvediaServer into a virtual machine
environment, maximizing flexibility and minimizing rack space and power requirements.

AvediaServer Virtual Platform Requirements

Storage: 500GB minimum; Processor: Quad Xeon, or equivalent; RAM: 2GB minimum; Platform: VMware or similar


  • Exterity does not support bare installs on non-Exterity hardware, only a virtual machine install is supported.

  • AvediaServer performance under a virtual machine cannot be guaranteed as it depends on factors outside Exterity’s control, for example, the physical machine used, virtual machine configuration parameters, number of other virtual machines running on the same hardware etc.

  • Exterity strongly recommends that the Exterity virtual machine is the only VM running on the physical machine for any AvediaServer virtual machine installation which is required to run VoD, Play or Record.

  • For any support incidents associated with a virtual machine installation, Exterity will need to reproduce the fault on known Exterity hardware to exclude performance or other issues potentially associated with the customer’s virtual machine.

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